As a seasonal scratch kitchen, Hummingbird Pastaria believe that mornings start with the smell of freshly made bread, while vegetables and stocks simmer in pots. And the genuine smiles from local farmers when they deliver fresh local produce, whole hogs and lamb. So that at the end of the day, our tables are full of plates as honest as the ingredients.Hummingbird Pastaria is a family-run neighborhood trattoria, serving fresh, no brow rustic fare in Old Towne located on the front of Signal Mountain, just ten minutes to downtown Chattanooga.


As the chef and owner, Patrick Halloran’s emphasis on rustic and peasant style cuisine has made Hummingbird Pastaria’s table one of the communities favorite places to dine. As a from scratch kitchen, every fresh pasta, as many as 9 different kinds are rolled out every morning. 


Thank you for supporting our family and our community partners since 2014. 


Chef Patrick Halloran 

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